Inflatable Kayak Rental

Solo Kayak - 24 hrs
Tandem Kayak - 24 hrs
SPUD - 1/2 day
SPUD - Full Day

Inflatable kayaks for whitewater, flatwater, or just floating near the shore. Rent or Buy Tributary Tomcats, Strikes, and Spuds.

Pagosa Springs Kayak Rental Details

Take the adventure into your own hands with our inflatable kayak rentals at Pagosa Outside Adventures! Find the right type of kayak rental for you or your family below:

For Whitewater – Tributary Tomcats have a short waterline and lots of rocker for quick and responsive handling, while large tubes provide width to make it stable in rapids.

Tomcat Solo: 10’3″ x 36″ x 11.5″ tube x 34 lbs, 275 lb capacity
Tomcat Tandem: 12’9″ x 38.5″ x 12″ tubes x 44 lbs, 425 lb capacity.  Includes gear for 2.

For Flatwater – The Tributary Strike is an agile crossover boat that tracks straight and true in flat water and can tackle easy whitewater.

Strike Solo: 10’3″ x 36″ x 10″ tube x 30lbs, 300 lb capacity
Strike Tandem: 12’6″ x 36.5″ x 10.5″ tubes x 37 lbs, 450 lb capacity.  Includes gear for 2.

For Kids, Easy Whitewater, or Just Drifting! – The Tributary Spud is lightweight, short, and stable hybrid kayak that is great fun when the river gets low and great for relaxing on the lake near shore.  It was designed as a kids kayak but with it’s wider dimensions adults can enjoy this wild and playful boat as well.

Tributary SPUD: 7’2″ x 35.5″ x 11.5 tubes x 21.5 lbs.  225 lb capacity.

*On multi-day rentals, every third consecutive day is free. Give us a call so we can apply the discount – 970-264-4202