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The #1 Pagosa Springs River Outfitter

Voted the Best Pagosa Rafting Outfitter & Favorite River Guides

Why Pagosa Outside?

When we started out as a Pagosa Springs River outfitter more than a decade ago, we had pretty modest goals. We just wanted to be able to take guests on a rafting trip that we would be proud to take our own friends and family on. We wanted to develop a sense of family within a renewed company. We wanted to develop a boating community in the town where we grew up and where one didn’t exist before. We wanted to create jobs that paid passionate and skilled people what they were worth and where they would come back to work summer after summer. We wanted to share the magic of floating on a free-flowing mountain river because we knew that once people have done it, they are forever changed.

And we would have to do it with the financial backing of a transient raft guide that had been living out of his truck for the last 10 years and a recent college graduate with a pile of student loan debt. And then, just to make it even more fun, life decided that we needed to be the parents to two beautiful young ladies.
Looking back at all of the growth and change, I feel pretty proud of where we’ve come.

What Sets Us Apart

We didn’t set out to be the biggest outfitter in the area, just everyone’s favorite Pagosa rafting outfitter. Our efforts to share a professional but friendly, small-town, family-owned-and-operated experience has been overwhelmingly embraced by our community. Our primary goal is for each and every one of our guests to have a fun, safe, and memorable time while experiencing our favorite Pagosa Springs activities.

After graduating from college, I spent my 20’s using raft guiding as a means to travel and explore the American West.  I was able to run a ton of different rivers and work for dozens of different outfitters big and small. I had the unique opportunity to identify all the things I really liked at every company I worked with, as well as some things that didn’t work so well.  I learned that there are a few big important things, along with a whole bunch of tiny details, that all add up to make a high quality river trip.  When you adventure with Pagosa Outside, I hope that you are having too much fun to notice all the little things that have gone into making your trip safe, smooth and seamless.

– A Note from the Owner

Our Staff

Our guides and staff are what makes the biggest difference. They are local characters, lovers of the outdoors, professional fun hogs, and just friendly people who love what they do, where they work, and take great pride in being a vital part of the Pagosa Outside team. They are all highly trained, licensed, certified, and experienced in sharing the magic of the Pagosa area.

When you pick up the phone, it won’t be answered by a booking agency; you will be chatting with friendly local folks who know the ins and outs of your trip and the whole Pagosa scene. These folks have all chosen Pagosa Outside as their place of employment, so rest assured that you will be adventuring with the finest staff and best Pagosa Springs kayak rental, SUP rental, and tube rentals Pagosa Springs services.

Value & Convenience

We know that we offer the best river trips in Pagosa and our guests agree. You can read what they say in our online reviews. Pagosa Outside was voted the best raft company and river guide by readers of the local newspaper. We rely on our locals to send guests to Pagosa Outside because we take them rafting with their own friends and family. We are confident that we provide the best value in the area!

Small Groups – As we have grown, we made the decision to offer more launches and keep our trip sizes small rather than running large trips that can be a “herding sheep” type of experience.  These small group sizes enable us to treat every one of our guests like friends and family and no one ever has to feel like they are just a number.

Premium Rafts – We also decided that our everyday raft should be the “premium” raft that most other companies offer as a pricey upgrade.  Our 14′ raft offers more maneuverability and gives 6 guests an intimate experience with our San Juan Whitewater. We feel strongly that our six guest to one guide ratio makes a better trip for everyone.

Short Shuttles – We have the shortest shuttles in town. Our downtown location, right across Main St. from the river, means that you will get to spend more time on the river and less time driving to get there. Three of our river access points are just minutes from the shop.

All Inclusive Prices – No Rental Fees!  All the necessary gear to be comfortable on the river like wetsuits, splash gear and river shoes is included and complimentary on all of our guided trips

Headquarters – Our downtown shop serves as a meeting point for all of our trips. Here we offer convenient parking, changing rooms, lockers, bathrooms, a great selection of whitewater gear, clothing, souvenirs, and all of those often forgotten accessories.

Free Photos – We want you to remember and share your adventures so digital photos are included on all rafting trips.