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Pagosa Springs Disc Golf Shop

Enjoy a Day at Reservoir Hill Disc Golf Course

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Looking for a unique activity in Pagosa Springs? How about a game of Pagosa Springs disc golf? We sell a great selection of discs as well as bags and targets. Best part is, our downtown shop is walking distance from the Reservoir Hill Disc Golf Course and five miles from the Cloman Disc Golf Course.

We rent and sell disc golf bags, targets and discs from Innova, MVP, Axiom and Streamline.  Our normal retail disc selection varies from 300 to 500 discs to try and have the disc model, weight, and plastic you are looking for.  Our demo program allows you to try before you buy and apply the rental towards a new disc purchase, so you can up your disc golf game like a pro.

With two free public disc golf courses nearby, our demo program lets you try the game and the equipment before you buy and apply the rental fee towards a new disc purchase.

Never tried disc golf? Disc golf is essentially the same game as standard golf, with a fun twist. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you get to throw a disc into a basket! Disc golf fairways are often shorter than standard fairways, but a lot of the same rules and terminology apply, such as try to avoid the rough.

Disc golf offers a more compact game, with many fun challenges such as obstacles like trees, bushes, hills, and more. If you enjoy standard golf or just want to try a new activity, come take a spin on one of Pagosa’s two public courses.

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