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River Tube Rentals Pagosa Springs

Downtown Pagosa Springs Tube Rentals

Quick Details

Tube Rentals No Shuttle Included
Single Tube - 3 hr 44" River Tube
XL Tube - 3 hr 48" River Tube
Double Tube - 3 hr Double 44" River Tube
Single Tube - Full Day Return By 6:00
XL Tube - Full Day Return by 6:00
Double Tube - Full Day Return by 6:00

Pagosa Tube Rental

Pagosa Springs tube rentals can be booked online anytime and tubers can walk directly across Main St. from our shop to the best 1/2 mile of river to float. The river walk runs along the entire section and you can walk back up and run as many times as you’d like. There are multiple town parks, 3 whitewater features and free riverside hot springs all within 1/2 a mile.  Our favorite Pagosa tubing trip starts with a short walk upstream to Cotton Hole Park.  Float downstream through the whitewater park and exit the river across from the Hot Springs Resort at Centennial Park.


If you have 2 cars or someone that will drop you off and pick you up, the float can be as long as 2 miles.  Our favorite Pagosa Springs river float trip for driving is from River Center Park down to Town Hall or even as far as Yamaguchi Park. Looking for a tube shuttle? Learn more about our all-inclusive deluxe tube trip.


What the River Flow Means For Tubing

The River Gauge in Pagosa gives flow in CFS – cubic feet per seconds.  River levels can fluctuate daily based on snow melt and rainfall.

  • 30-90 = low: stay in the deepest current, lots of rocks to dodge
  • 90-180 = medium:  our favorite tubing level
  • 180-300’s = high: rowdy fun for adventure seekers, you’re gonna flip!
  • 400’s and up = Rafting!

Current San Juan River Conditions

Rollin on the River

What a hoot. We felt like kids again. We really enjoyed doing a double tube. Easy to book. It's right across the street from the river. Easy access. A world of fun. Tubing on the San Juan River.

– beachbumhq
Great for Tube Rental

Really enjoyed our experience (3 adults, 2x 5-y.o.) and would rent here again. Great location near the town park and the hot springs- makes it easy to return after a few rides down the river. Staff was very helpful selecting the right set of tubes and life preservers, ensuring that we didn’t do anything silly like take glasses or phones or car keys on the river. Also gave great advice for where to put in, where the river can be tricky, and the best spots for landing.

– Joel I