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Whitewater Tubing Adventures

River tubing in downtown Pagosa Springs

With an early and strong monsoon season, Tubing will be available when the river is below 400cfs in the morning. Scroll down for links to the River gauge and forecast. As of 8/13 we are TUBING!

World-Class Tubing Fun!

Tubing on the San Juan River is the #1 fun thing to do in Pagosa Springs! We are Pagosa’s river tubing headquarters located downtown right across from the Hot Springs.

Pagosa’s River Tubing season starts when the river drops below 400 cfs.  This usually happens in late June or early July. If the river is too high to tube, we will still be offering our guided rafting trips.

Bike and Tube Image 4

What the River Flow Means For Tubing

The River Gauge in Pagosa gives flow in CFS – cubic feet per seconds.  River levels can fluctuate daily based on snow melt and rainfall.

  • 30-90 = low: floatable only if you stay in the deepest current
  • 90-150 = medium: perfect flow for just about everyone
  • 150-250 = high: a little rowdy for small youngsters
  • 250-400 = really high: 40% flip ratio! Lots of fun for thrill-seekers
  • above 400 = Rafting!