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  • Must Reserve Online

Whitewater Tubing

Pagosa Tube Rentals and Shuttled Tubing Trips

Quick Details

Tube Rentals No Shuttle Included
Single Tube - 3 hr 44" River Tube
XL Tube - 3 hr 48" River Tube
Double Tube - 3 hr Double 44" River Tube
Single Tube - Full Day Return By 6:00
XL Tube - Full Day Return by 6:00
Double Tube - Full Day Return by 6:00
Shuttled Tubing Trips includes Shuttles, Rental Gear and Photos
Deluxe Tube Trip 1-1.5 hour float

Deluxe Tubing Trips

These include drop-off and pick-up shuttles, a longer section of river, free lockers, free life jackets and river shoe rentals and some photos of your adventure.

Reservations for Deluxe Tube Trips are for scheduled departure times and limited to 14 people.  There will still be “same day” availability when we aren’t full, we’re just asking you to book online before you show up to tube.

Tube Rentals

Rentals (without a shuttle) can be booked online anytime and tubers can walk directly across Main St. from our shop to the best 1/2 mile of river to float. The river walk runs along the entire section and you can walk back up and run as many times as you’d like. There are multiple town parks, 3 whitewater features and free riverside hot springs all within 1/2 a mile.


If you have 2 cars or someone that will drop you off and pick you up, the float can be as long as 2 miles.


What the River Flow Means

The River Gauge in Pagosa gives flow in CFS – cubic feet per seconds.


  • 250-400 = really high: 40% flip ratio! Lots of fun for thrill-seekers
  • 150-250 = high: a little rowdy for small youngsters
  • 90-150 = medium: perfect flow for just about everyone
  • 30-90 = low: floatable only if you stay in the deepest current