Meet the Owners

We are proud to have been voted Pagosa’s best rafting company and river guides.

Owners Tobi and Alison Rohwer fell in love on a river trip in 2004, got married in 2008, and took over Pagosa Outside in 2009. They bring years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a young family’s enthusiasm to what has become the fastest growing raft company in the area.

Tobi worked as a whitewater guide for 15 years, amassing over 25,000 miles on rivers all over the West and Alaska. He has worked with many industry leading whitewater outfitters on some of the most difficult commercially rafted sections of river in the US, but the Piedra river is still his favorite whitewater run.

After finishing her studies in wildlife biology at the University of Georgia, Alison moved to Colorado to pursue her degree and was swept off her feet by the enthusiastic river guide who would soon be her husband. She supports Tobi’s rafting dreams by working as an environmental consultant for Ecosphere Environmental by day and the behind-the-scenes wizard for Pagosa Outside by night.  Without her “real job” to support them, Pagosa Outside wouldn’t be possible.

Our goal as owners is to share our love of Pagosa and show you why we decided to make this place home for our family.

  • Chevron down What Set Us Apart
  • We didn’t set out to be the biggest outfitter in the area, just everyone’s favorite outfitter.  Our efforts to share a professional but friendly, small town, family owned and operated experience has been overwhelmingly embraced by our community.  Our primary goal is for each and every one of our guests to have a fun, safe, and memorable time.  One of the biggest things that makes us stand out from other outfitters is our attention to all of the tiny details that add up to make the biggest difference in our guests experience.  It is a point of pride that we treat our guests like friends, run a diverse fleet of rafts, have clean, nice, quality gear, and operate smooth trips by paying attention to all the little details that most folks don’t even notice.  We take pride in working in a fun, professional and rewarding workplace, so we do everything we can to maintain that.  Everyone that works at Pagosa Outside takes pride in providing the best trips around.

  • Chevron down A Note From the Owner
  • I worked for 15 years as a whitewater guide for more than a dozen different companies before becoming an owner.  I have had the unique opportunity to take all the things I really liked from every other company I worked at and then apply them to Pagosa Outside.  One of the most important things I’ve learned is that the quality and attitude of your guide makes the biggest difference in the quality of your trip.  I strive to create the workplace I always wished I had when I was working for other companies.  Our guides get paid well above the industry norm, are treated with trust, dignity and respect, and are given every opportunity to excel.  With a fun, professional and motivating workplace we are able to draw and keep the best employees because they take pride in the company they work for and have a hand in its success.

  • Chevron down Our Raft Fleet
  • Our raft fleet stays new and gets updated regularly. With our “we can do it better” mindset, and connections in the industry, we have helped many of our manufacturers develop new and improved designs that are industry standard today.  Over the last 15 years we have developed what we are certain is the very best, funnest, and safest rafting set-up for your quality experience.

  • Chevron down Gear
  • You’ll notice that our vehicles are well maintained and cleaned daily, and our river gear is always clean, comfortable and the nicest around.  We take on the extra expense of having the finest gear available for our guests and pride ourselves on taking the extra effort to maintain it.  Our wetsuits and booties get washed and sanitized after every use and you won’t ever have to wear a stinky old lifejacket.  We know you’ll appreciate the difference it makes in the quality of your trip.

  • Chevron down Convenience
  • We have the shortest shuttles in town. Our downtown location right across Main St. from the river means that you will get to spend more time on the river and less time driving to get there. Three of our river access points are just minutes from the shop.  Our store serves as a meeting point for all of our trips.  Here we offer changing rooms, bathrooms, a great selection of whitewater gear, clothing, souvenirs, and all of those often forgotten accessories.

  • Chevron down Photos
  • We offer photos of all our rafting trips available for viewing and purchase at our store immediately after your trip.  We take lots of shots of each raft and keep our photo prices well below the industry standard so that you can take your memories home with you.

  • Chevron down Value
  • We know that our trips are the finest in the area and our guests agree.  You can read what they’ve said about us on TripAdvisor. Pagosa Outside was voted the best raft company and river guide by readers of the Pagosa Sun.  We rely on the locals to send folks to Pagosa Outside because we are who takes them rafting with their friends and family. Please take the time to shop around …. we are positive that our trips are the best value in town!

  • Chevron down Staff
  • Our guides and staff are what makes the biggest difference.  They are local characters, lovers of the outdoors, professional fun hogs, and just friendly people who love what they do, where they work, and take great pride in being a vital part of the Pagosa Outside team.  They are all highly trained, licensed, certified, and experienced in sharing the magic of the Pagosa area.  When you pick up the phone, it won’t be answered by a booking agency, you will be chatting with friendly local folks who know the ins and outs of your trip and the whole Pagosa scene.  These folks have all chosen Pagosa Outside as their place of employment, so rest assured that you will be assisted by and traveling to the finest shop and guide staff around.