Beginner Group Kayak Instruction

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Learn to Whitewater Kayak

Have you ever wanted to learn how to whitewater kayak? Well, now is the time and The Paddlesports School at Pagosa Outside is the place.

The San Juan river at lower flows is great for beginning kayakers. The first day of instruction will be held on local ponds and the San Juan River to work on balance, strokes, maneuvering, wet exits and intro to rolling*.

The second day will be on the San Juan practicing basic whitewater maneuvering such as entering and exiting eddies and paddling through waves. Topics covered include: Basic strokes, balance and edging, basics of reading water, basic whitewater safety considerations, fun!

*Due to the length of time that rolling a kayak usually takes to learn, rolling will be touched on during the course with a short amount of time spent practicing. The goal of this course however, is to maximize fun and learning on the water. Check out our roll practice options for more in-depth rolling instruction